Polk County Attorney - License Reinstatement Program

The License Reinstatement Program (LRP) began in June 2004 as a result of collaborative efforts between several agencies, including Polk County, Department of Transportation, and the Clerk of Court. It is a program that allows people who have been suspended for non-payment of fines to get their driver’s license back.

The program is set up to maximize the potential for an individual to succeed at paying off their fines. Payment plans are worked out between the offender and LRP staff. The offender must make their payments on time and maintain insurance on their vehicle at all times while on the program.

License Reinstatement Program Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following criteria to qualify for the License Reinstatement Program (LRP):

• You will not qualify for LRP if your license is suspended due to delinquent Child Support.

• Any DOT Civil and/or Small Claims judgments, as a result of an auto accident, must be satisfied before being accepted into LRP.

• If any “Out of State” fines are holding up your driver’s license, they cannot be added to the License Reinstatement Program plan.

• You will not qualify for the LRP unless at least one traffic case is 60 days or more from the sentencing (disposition) date. This does not include dismissed traffic case(s). Applying early will result in a denial into the program and delay the processing of your next application.

• If you do not have any traffic cases in Polk County you will not be eligible for our LRP. You must contact the county where the traffic case(s) occurred.

• Any delinquent fine(s) previously converted to community service must be converted back to a fine (by a Judge) before qualifying for LRP.

• Applicant will be REQUIRED to obtain and maintain financial liability coverage (Automobile Insurance). If you do not own a vehicle you will be required to purchase and maintain a Non-Owner’s Insurance Policy. Proof of Insurance must be presented at the time of acceptance into LRP.

• Applicant will be required to make a down payment at the time of admittance into LRP.

• If approved for the LRP you must make an appointment to set up the payment plan. No walk-ins or same day appointments are allowed.

• All LRP payment plans must be set up at the Polk County Attorney’s Office. Plans will not be set up over the phone or through the mail. Only in person. No exceptions.

• Additional requirements may be required. For more information, please contact:

Polk County Attorney’s Office
License Reinstatement Program
222 5th Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309
Phone: (515) 286-2203

• The processing time for acceptance or rejection into the Polk County Attorney’s Office License Reinstatement Program may take up to three (3) weeks. Once a decision has been made, we will notify you either by U.S. mail or email at the address you provided us on your application.

• If you meet all of these qualifications, you may qualify for the License Reinstatement Program. Please select the Next button and complete the Financial Affidavit.

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